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Book - Faces of the Force: True Stories of C-1966/67 Troop

Book - Faces of the Force: True Stories of C-1966/67 Troop

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In conjunction with the pending launch of Pillars of the Force, we are pleased to partner with The RCMP Heritage Centre to help “The Centre” deliver on its mission “to share the story of the RCMP with the world.”

Faces of the Force: True Stories of C-1966/67 Troop by Helen Metella and Pamela Cowan is a collection of thirty-one stories about one troop who together endured the physical and emotional challenges of training at “Depot,” and developed a sense of camaraderie and determination before graduating and heading out to their first detachments across Canada. It provides a firsthand look at training in the1960’s and the members’ individual experiences and careers. They encountered both triumph and tragedy; some remained, others sought different career paths. And, like so many before and after them, they never forgot the lessons they learned or what it means “to serve and protect.”


The reviewers, themselves all Veterans, say that Faces of the Force

“… [is] an excellent, honest, true documentary of the Force between 1966 and 1999. Informative, factual, gut-wrenching, humorous and sometimes sad, these stories run the gamut — from everyday mundane duties to the extreme duties and adventures that the general public are not even aware that members of the Force perform”. Reg. #19344, T.W. Dunlop, S/Sgt. Rtd.


“… has it all—from international intrigue to courageous acts of heroism in rural Canada. It is a captivating compilation of authentic events.” W. L. (Les) Holmes, A/Commr. Rtd


“… [is an] amazing book, describing their ‘innocence lost,” compiled from the heartfelt and self-searching memories of the members of C Troop. It offers a seldom seen insight into the real lives and the real memories of what these young men went through in their efforts to make a difference. Their gritty stories, told in real life language and with brutal frankness, are sometimes hard to read but always gripping. It is important to remember that these members of C Troop, to a man, have offered their stories, not for profit, but instead to donate to the legacy of the next generations.” Bev Busson, Commissioner, Rtd.


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